Full Time Courses


At NZPA we offer both an Intensive Certificate (One Year) and a Professional Diploma in Musical Theatre (Three Year) with elective majors in Dance, Drama or Teaching of Dance.

We work with International Examination Boards such as Royal Academy of Dance, Trinity College London and the Imperial Society of Teachers of Dance.

The first year of training is dedicated to the development of technique in all genres of the Performing Arts. Students will study core subjects both practically and theoretically to provide a thorough understanding of each discipline. This will better equip them for the decision of choosing their elective major in Year Two with the guidance of their tutors and mentors. Students will earn a Certificate of Intensive Study at the end of their first year.

The second year of the course is designed based on the students elected Major. The classes will remain varied over all three disciplines, but will have a deeper emphasis in their chosen area. The classes in year two are designed to take a deeper focus on technique and understanding with a broadening of performance skills. We aim to draw the creative and artistic abilities of our students in year two, allowing them to become more individual as a performer.

The third year is 'Performance Year' for dance and drama majors allowing the students to put all they have learnt into practice. Students will perform in at least two professional performances throughout the year, and partake in their final assessment to gain their final grading for their Diploma.

For the students majoring in Teaching of dance, their final year will focus on practically applying and refining their knowledge, taking placements in local dance schools, in order for them to work with real students and in an active junior learning environment under mentorship.  

There is a strong emphasis on preparing the students to enter the professional performing arts arena, with classes in Performing Arts Business Skills and working on individual career aims with student mentors.

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